Welcome to Dollar Movie Drive In. This is a site that seeks to recreate the fun of going to the local drive in to check out the odd, sometimes cheesey and sometimes shocking, flicks that you couldn’t see at your local hometown theater.


You will be able to come here every week or so and check out a new double feature of full length movies. These movies are in the public domain, so they are free to watch. The name Dollar Movie Drive In was inspired by that fact that most of these movies can be found for around $1.00 at your local discount store or in one of those multi-film budget DVD packs.


You’ll see all kinds of movies in many genres here at DMD. I hope you come back often and that you will leave comments when you do. Now, if you’ll turn out your headlights, the show is about to start. Have a great time and don’t forget to replace the speaker on the pole before you drive away.

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